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Designed for outdoor use; Five positions adjustments of the back rest; Made with Saccaro's X-fiber weave in a large assortment of colors; Epoxi painted aluminum contrasting or matching the fiber color; Garapeira wood base offered in several finishes; Optional cushion available in a large assortment of fabrics and nautical leathers; Optional protective cover and maintenance kits are available; Saccaro X-Fiber comes with a 3-year warranty against breakage and discoloration.


Named after the famous musician Johan Strauss this collection pays tribute to the city of Vienna in Austria, an important center for classical music; The Strauss collection has its highlights on the Vienna natural fiber/cane weaving used on furniture at the end of the 19th Century; It became popular again in the furniture manufacturing in the 1960's; Its characteristic is of a geometric weaving of a square made with two parallels horizontal and vertical lines and a pair of diagonal criscrossing lines creating a round opening in the center .