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6mm thick nautical rope weave in a large number of colors
Aluminum structure epoxy painted offered in many colors
8mm thick nautical rope cord - designed to support up to 2,000lbs -offered in many colors
Cord is of adjustable length and can be installed up to 22ft from the ground
It can be hanged in any type of ceiling or pergola - hardware to secure it on the top is not available
Seat and back cushion are available in a large assortment of Sunbrella fabrics or nautical leather
Optional protection cover (can be installed without removing the hanging cord) is available.


Nature and history have sculpted the Capadocia region for thousands of years. The erosion of the several layers of volcanic sediments gave shape to some of the most incredible landscapes in the planet. For centuries merchants, farmers and horse breeders have dug the rocks to build their houses, cultivated the fertile land, witnessed the rise and fall of kingdoms and connected East to West. Those who fly over Capadocia witness a landscape transformed by men but sculpted by nature over millions of years. Flying is a dream as magical as Capadocia. A balloon flight is the materialization of that dream. In a hot air balloon, floating hundreds of meters above the ground, one feels truly free. It is a mix of adventure and surrender. What do air balloons do? They not only transport, but they also change people. They change their points of view.