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Designed for indoor and outdoor use; Made in stainless steel - 6mm thick structure and 4mm thick woven rods; UV protected coating offered in many colors; Each single rod is hand welded; Offered in a large assortment of outdoor fabrics, nautical leather and COM; Protective cover and maintenance kits available.


The Talipot concept collection was created by Dieedro by Jayme Bernardo, an avant-garde Brazilian design studio. "Cozy as the shade of palm trees on a sunny day", the Talipot collection brings a fresh reading of the Herringbone pattern, utilizing it not only as a finish feature but rather as its own structure and identity. With lightness as a principle the pieces reflect a floating and ethereal appearance, with cushions practically suspended in the air and shadows that express the freshness of the breeze passing through its opening spaces. An ambitious design, in which the innovation of constructive methods was instrumental in bringing to reality the conceptual assumptions of the collection. Talipot is craftmanship at its best and a good representation of Saccaro's uniqueness.