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Designed as part of Saccaro’s “In-shade” concept (indoor and outdoor use); Exclusive Saccaro “lacce” stuffed polyester weaving available in several colors; Nautical rope designed to support up to 4,000 lbs. One back cushion and one decorative pillow included; Large assortment of fabrics and nautical leathers


The Capadocia Collection, a remarkable design, inspired by the hot air balloons that fly high above the Cappadocia region in Turkey which is marveled for its geological, historic and cultural features. The erosion of several layers of ancient volcanic sediment gave shape to the most unique landmark in the world. "In a hot air balloon, floating hundreds of meters above the ground, one truly feels free" said Roque Frizzo." It is a mix of adventure and surrender. What do air balloons do? They not only transport, but they also change people.They change their points of view." The highlight of the collection is the swinging nest,reminiscent of a hot air balloon basket and with this concept in mind,Saccaro's engineers and designer Roque Frizzo found inspiration in the shoelace construction to develop the material they needed to reproduce the balloon basket appeal.The material is called "Laccio", a foamy string made from synthetic fiber available in a range of sophisticated neutral and earthy finish colors.